National Agricultural Higher Education Project | Centre for Advanced Agricultural Science & Technology on Standardization of Integrated Farming System Models for the State of Jharkhand.


Road map of technical and financial targets of the project for the financial year 2020-2021

  1.  Procurement of equipment’s/instruments/machinery.

  2.  Identification of stake holders and area of corporation.

  3.  Identification of IFS models as per specific need of farmer to be addressed.

  4.  Meeting with identified experts for development of course curricula and research issues.

  5.  Nomination of faculty for capacity building.

  6.  Nomination of students for skill up-gradation.

  7.  International level training/seminar to be organized.

  8.  Monitoring of Master and Ph.D students’ research.

  9.  Visit of the experts from the twinning Universities/ collaborating organizations. Certificate course for entrepreneurship and industry ready programme.

  10.  Extra mural lecture series of the distinguished faculties/scientists.

  11.  Minor repair and renovation work.

  12.  Validation and testing of developed technologies.

  13.  Development of linkages.

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